August 2023

Reparations and the Legacy of Marcus Mosiah Garvey

Close to 100 years ago, Marcus Garvey argued the case for reparations for the crimes of slavery and colonialism when he said back in 1919, “They said we were heathens, we were pagans, we were savages and did not know how to take care of ourselves; that we did not have any religion; we did not have any culture; we did not have any civilisation for all those centuries, and that is why they had to be our guardians. But, thank God, we have them all now, and as such we are asking that you hand back to us ‘our own civilisation’. Hand back to us that which you have robbed and exploited us of in the name of God and Christianity for the last 500 years.”

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EU-CELAC Summit July 17 -18

Leaders of EU and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) met in Brussels for a summit on July 17-18 to discuss a broad range of issues in the partnership. The Repair Campaign lobbied heads of Caribbean governments to add the topic of reparations to their addresses as such an event is a great opportunity to bring international attention to the movement.

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The Time Has Come

The UWI, wholly owning its mission as an activist university, celebrates the activism that has placed it at the pinnacle of the global reparations movement, seeking justice and driving a new development paradigm for the region. Concretising the university’s role at the epicentre of this growing global movement, Vice-Chancellor Prof Sir Hilary Beckles, whose research features in the TIME’s article, says, “The UWI continues to be at the forefront of justice conversations, including the battle for reparations to be made to peoples of the Caribbean. These are owed by colonial powers, as compensation for their historical crimes of native genocide and African enslavement, through which these powers have amassed great wealth, and from which they still profit.”

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History! Caribbean and Africa join forces to call for reparations

Representatives from African and Caribbean nations attended a series of meetings in Bridgetown, Barbados, last week, to formulate a strategy to demand reparations.

The ground-breaking meetings included representation from the University of the West Indies (UWI), the Economic, Social and Cultural Council of the African Union (AU), Barbados’ government, grant-making network Open Society Foundations and the Caribbean Pan African Network, Reuters reported.

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Sacrifice, Hope and Togetherness

For Guyana, 2023 is very significant in Guyana’s journey to economic freedom for African Guyanese. It is not only the 185th year of emancipation but, more significantly, it is the Bicentennial of the 1823 Demerara Slave Rebellion. This rebellion, which was led by Christianized Africans, was the largest rebellion in the British colonies.

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