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Women’s Resistance to Chattel Slavery

Women were often at the centre of resistance in a variety of ways – as leaders, healers, nurturers, mothers … but there are also many instances where women found ways to engage in silent or lesser-known acts of resistance.

Gender, Reparations, and Revising the CARICOM Ten-Point Plan

Chattel enslavement and the burden of production fell disproportionately on women. Therefore, I want to help to shape the review of the plan to ensure that fact is there and that there’s a specific demand for reparatory justice for what happened to women.

The Repair Campaign: November 2023 Update

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A Conversation with Alvin Kofi, Multidisciplinary Artist & Storyteller

A second-generation West Indian, based in the UK, whose parents came from Antigua, Kofi’s career has been strongly associated with the Black UK arts movement. His creative perspective is very much African-centred through which the Black body becomes his muses as he explores traditional notions of Caribbean and African culture and its place in the historical narrative of the Diaspora.

Between Radicalism and Repression: Walter Rodney’s Revolutionary Praxis

Some of Rodney’s most important contributions to the Black Liberation Movement were his explication of, and mobilization against, oppression and exploitation emanating from the interrelations of imperialism, (neo)colonialism, and white supremacy. He understood colonialism to be a form of political rule that was one facet of the larger imperial process;

Positioning the Caribbean’s Reparatory Justice Agenda in the UK and Europe

However, those in the vineyard of Reparatory Justice should not be discouraged. Instead, they must use this as an opportunity to strengthen their movement’s philosophy, engage in activism, rally support from ordinary people and civil society through education, and continue to build a programmatic agenda.