The Repair Campaign welcomes the Church of England’s recommendations on reparatory justice

March 4, 2024

Church of England told to raise £1bn slavery reparations fund

Denis O’Brien, founder of The Repair Campaign welcomes the recommendations made by the Church of England’s independent Oversight Group on how the Church can begin to make amends for its historic links to chattel enslavement in the Caribbean.

“Enslavement was an unfathomable crime against humanity and Caribbean countries still live with the legacy. Former colonial powers including the UK left these countries with deep economic and social challenges after gaining their independence. These challenges, as a direct result of colonialism, are still impacting each country today.

A rare opportunity now exists for an honest conversation in the UK to begin to heal the past.

We call on all other UK institutions with historic links to enslavement including the Royal family, successor corporate entities, Universities, families, and the UK Government to finally do the right thing and apologise.”