Brian Royes

Women’s Resistance to Chattel Slavery

Women were often at the centre of resistance in a variety of ways – as leaders, healers, nurturers, mothers … but there are also many instances where women found ways to engage in silent or lesser-known acts of resistance.

Gender, Reparations, and Revising the CARICOM Ten-Point Plan

Chattel enslavement and the burden of production fell disproportionately on women. Therefore, I want to help to shape the review of the plan to ensure that fact is there and that there’s a specific demand for reparatory justice for what happened to women.

NRC Launches National Reparations Consultation

The Accra Reparation Conference adds to the growing demands for reparations after about 12 million Africans were forcefully taken by European nations from the 16th to the 19th century and enslaved on plantations that built wealth at the price of misery.

The Repair Campaign: November 2023 Update

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Reparatory Justice is a Priority for CARICOM Heads of Government – CARICOM Secretary-General

Dr Barnett emphasised that CARICOM Heads of Government agree that collaboration with Africa on reparations is critical to moving the reparations justice agenda further forward. “They have expressed their full support for the convening of the Accra Reparations Conference as a strategic and prime opportunity to forge a common, collaborative agenda between the Caribbean and Africa on reparations”, stated the Secretary-General.

The Accra Conference on Reparations gets underway on Tuesday Nov. 14

In various parts of the world, people of African ancestry are pushing the cause for reparations. In the United States, political leaders, religious personalities, grassroots organizations, opinion leaders have been unceasingly and increasingly calling for reparation, generations after generations.